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New Ideas for Summer Cherry Desserts

Summer is here and everyone is hungry for a good backyard family gathering. Next time, you are asked to bring a dessert that will please a crowd, check out these New Ideas for Summer Cherry Desserts for a little inspiration.

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Cheryl’s Summer Rainbow Cookie Sampler + Get $10 Reward Card

Head over to Cheryl’s Cookies where you can score this new Summer Rainbow Cookie Sampler for just $12.99 shipped AND you’ll get a $10 Cheryl’s Reward Card – no coupon needed! The sampler includes 6 cutout cookies with different flavors. Each cookie is individually wrapped so you can share them with friends and family, too. OR, send them their own sampler for a fun surprise!

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Shark Week 2022 Amazon Deals

Are you ready for Shark Week? I have been gearing up Shark Week for my grandson and so I thought I would share a few fun finds to help turn Shark Week into a family fun streaming party. Check out what I found on Amazon to help make the week a little more special for the kids.

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20 Household Uses for Lemons

I have a lemon tree, so I am always looking for way to use all the lemons I pick and keep them from going to waste. Besides passing them off my neighbors and co-workers, here are a few tips and tricks for all those lemons.

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