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Oscar Meyer Meat Flavored Hard Seltzer

Published on 30 October 2022 at 22:46

Nothing says ‘Thirst Quencher’ like a can of Meat Seltzer made with real chicken, pork, and beef. Check out the Oscar Meyer Meat Flavored Hard Seltzer below and see if you are up a go at it.

Oscar Meyer Meat Flavored Hard Seltzer 

With any luck this insane hard seltzer product was just a fade. Head on over to, Martin House Brewing Company on Facebook for new and updated flavors.

The Source

Martin House Brewing Company has, in large part, built their reputation on bizarre products, like beers made with salsa verde and mustard pickle. They also make plenty of regular beers, too, and like many other breweries, they’ve recently jumped on the hard seltzer trend – launching a line of Awesome Sauce Hard Seltzers. And, so, next month, they’re combining these two things into one wild drink, Awesome Sauce: Bun Length – a 5.2-percent-ABV hard seltzer made with the leftover water from 52 pounds of boiled frankfurters, according to The Dallas Morning News. Shugg Cole, the brewery’s marketing director, told the paper that Martin House had joked about using hot dogs in a beer in the past, but hard seltzer actually seemed like the right format. The results will apparently taste exactly like it sounds: a boozy hot dog.

This will be one taste test I will be skipping but all the same, Cheers!

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