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BIGS Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds

Published on 11 December 2022 at 16:32

Your tastebuds are craving these delicious BIGS Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds. Time to stock up!

BIGS Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds

BIGS Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds, Hot Chili & Lime Flavor are the perfect crunchy keto-friendly snacks with a fiery kick. Made with big seeds, roasted for a big kernel crunch and seasoned with Takis hot chili and lime fuego intensity, these salty snacks fit a low carb lifestyle and are sure to hit the spot. Proudly roasted in the USA, these seeds come in a handy resealable bag. Why go small when you can go BIG.

Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Dollar Tree 

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