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Hershey Sweet Assortment Easter Candy Container

Published on 17 February 2023 at 18:27

Hershey Sweet Assortment Easter Candy Container

Put some "jolly" good fun and a "twist" of surprise into your traditional Easter egg hunt by hiding these deliciously chewy and hard candies in the 48 provided plastic eggs. Hershey's egg hunt sweets are the perfect egg stuffers whether the children are searching for eggs, or the adults want to jump in, too. 

  • Make the springtime holiday extra special by filling plastic eggs, Easter baskets and candy bowls by the handful with an assortment of fruit-flavored candies.
  • Includes 540 individually wrapped fruit flavored assorted treats inside a decorative bulk variety container with 48 plastic eggs inside.
  • Unwrap Hershey candy during Mother's Day celebrations, spring sporting events, graduations and birthday parties.
  • Add this Hershey candy assortment to your Easter traditions like banquets, egg hunts and family festivities for some springtime pizazz and to enjoy some delicious fruity treats together.
  • Includes TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry flavored chewy candy, JOLLY RANCHER MISFITS gummies candy and JOLLY RANCHER hard candy.

There may be some sharing and swapping as everyone opens their eggs, but that's what makes it so fun! 

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