20 Household Uses for Lemons

Published on 20 September 2022 at 11:58

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I have a lemon tree, so I am always looking for way to use all the lemons I pick and keep them from going to waste. Besides passing them off my neighbors and co-workers, here are a few tips and tricks for all those lemons.

Put your extra lemons to good use with these 20 Household Uses for Lemons

Give one or all of these a try! 

1) Add lemons to your drinks like tea or water
If you are dehydrated, lemon is the perfect additive to any beverage to replace vitamin c you may have lost. Lemon is also an aid to help with your digestion.

2) Whiten your nails
If you have stained or discolored nails, simply cut a lemon in half and sink your nails into the flesh of it. Allow your nails to soak in the lemon for a few minutes to help remove staining and whiten the tips of your nails naturally.

3) Freshen up your disposal
Cut a lemon into quarters and toss into your garbage disposal with a teaspoon of baking soda. This will help with any lingering odors.
4} Homemade Cleaners
Add a few teaspoons of lemon juice to any of your household cleaners to make them smell clean and fresh naturally.
5) Treat Tablecloth Stains
Treat grease on your tablecloth simply by rub lemon juice on the stain and set it out in the sun for a few hours. Then wash as usual.
6) Highlight Your Hair
Just saturate the pieces you wish to lighten and sit in sun or apply the heat of a high dryer to activate the lightening properties.
7). Help Browning Apples
Dip the slices in a bowl of lemon juice to keep them from browning so quickly. A little lemon juice mixed into fruit salad will also keep it from browning.
8) Shining Sinks
Apply lemon juice to your apple slices (you can just dip the slices in a bowl of lemon juice) to keep them from browning so quickly. A little lemon juice mixed into fruit salad will also keep it from browning.
9) Treat Your Cutting Board
Get rid of stains and smell when you cut a lemon in half and rub it vigorously over your cutting board. Then, rinse and dry.
10) Sore Throat 
Sore throat? Gargling some salt water mixed with a few tablespoons of lemon juice should help.
11) Aromatherapy
The scent of lemons can help you feel energized and revitalized. Smell fresh lemon juice when you need an instant boost of energy or clarity.
12) Go Away Ants
Put a few drops of lemon juice wherever ants seem to be present. This includes cracks, windows, or other areas that seem to be well traveled by the ants. They won’t like it one bit and will find somewhere else to hang out.
13) Age Spots
Place some lemon juice on a cotton swab and dab at age spots on your skin. In no time they will start to lighten up.
14) Keep Guacamole from Turning Bown 
There is nothing appealing about brown guacamole, so add a few drops of lemon juice and stir well so that the dip retains its color.
15) Increase Your Metabolism 
A little lemon juice can give your metabolism a kick start. Add a little lemon juice to your morning glass of water to get your metabolism in gear nice and early.
16) Make Glass Sparkle
You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your homemade or store-bought glass cleaner for a boost of cleaning power and a natural fresh scent. It will do wonders at removing water stains on glass as well.
17) Control Dandruff
A little lemon juice can soothe your scalp and help control dandruff. Add a few drops to your shampoo or just work some raw lemon juice into your scalp and rinse well.
18) Sparking Stainless Steel
You can clean your stainless steel with pure lemon juice and avoid any harsh chemicals or scratches. Plus, it will clean away any residue and leave it sparkling. Your stainless steel will thank you for it.
19) Sticky Noodles and Rice
Add a few drops of lemon juice in your water pot before cooking rice or noodles. This trick will keep them from sticking to the pot as they cook.
20) Laundry
Many people swear that by adding a few teaspoons of lemon juice to their wash cycle they get cleaner and fresher clothes. Why not try for yourself? Simply squeeze the half of a lemon into your next load and see how well it works.
What do you think of these Lemon ideas? Have you tried any of them? Have a trip you would like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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