Loungefly Disney Haunted Mansion Foolish Mortals Backpack

Published on 7 September 2022 at 16:04

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Headed to visit Master Gracey at his humble abode? Then you'll want to pack all of your essentials (and maybe a few extra things) in this The Haunted Mansion mini backpack-- you never know just how long you might be staying!

Loungefly Disney Haunted Mansion Foolish Mortals Backpack

This backpack features your favorite residents and icons, including Constance, Madame Leota, gargoyles and more! Comes with a front snap-button pocket with a blue rose pattern on the flap and "Welcome foolish mortals" printed in the center. Complete with adjustable straps and interior drop pocket.

Available at Hot Topic for a limited time.

Don't forget the matching wallet.

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