Joffrey’s New Disney Hocus Pocus Coffee

Published on 8 August 2022 at 22:42

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A morning magic spell for you in a cup of Joffrey's New Disney Hocus Pocus Coffee. Check it out below.

Joffrey’s New Disney Hocus Pocus Coffee

Introducing Disney’s new Hocus Pocus coffee thanks to Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea company, a cup of caffeine we certainly don’t doubt a spell of deliciousness has been casted over with every bean.

Decorated with the Sanderson Sisters right on the front package, each roast of ground coffee packs a punch of autumn flavors with notes of witchcraft.

Featuring flavors of cinnamon apple and caramel, (two common fall flavors), get ready to grab your cauldron mug to fill your witches’ brew with, I mean coffee.

You can find the Sanderson Sister’s roast online at 

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