Queen Elizabeth ll Cross Stitch Keepsake

Published on 21 September 2022 at 16:47

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Queen Elizabeth ll Cross Stitch Keepsake



"I stitched this little keepsake to mark the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. It is a companion piece for the Jubilee Ornament I stitched earlier this year, when we celebrated the Queen’s amazing 70 year reign. This commemorative design was stitched on blue fabric as this was her Majesty’s favourite colour. It looks pretty stitched on other shades too. You could add charms, ribbons or other embellishments to make your own keepsake unique."

Size: 4 ½ in x 5in (11.43 x 12.07cm) approx.

Price: Starting under $3

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What Is Etsy, and How Does It Work

Etsy is a marketplace, like Amazon or eBay, for selling handmade goods, vintage items, or craft supplies. It is a consumer-to-consumer platform that provides value to both buyers and sellers.

What Does Etsy Stand For?

The essence of the given name Etsy stands for compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty and a love for domestic life. Advertisement

What sells best on Etsy?

The top selling items on Etsy include jewelry, wedding items, clothing, home and living goods, art, and other accessories. If you want your shop to become popular quickly, it’s a good idea to offer some of these items. Overall, any handmade craft will sell well! If you enjoy creating, this is the best platform for your online shop.

Can You Really Make Money On Etsy?

The best way to make money on Etsy is, like any other store, to offer products that are in-demand, ensure they are attractive to potential customers and make it easy for these customers to find you on the platform. Balancing attractive pricing with the listing fees that Etsy charges is also important.

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