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FREE Sumo Citrus Swag

Published on 4 March 2023 at 16:56

If you are looking for a Freebies here is a new one for you. FREE Sumo Citrus Swag.

FREE Sumo Citrus Swag

This is an easy freebie to score.

Get started here!

Complete all 3 challenges to score FREE Sumo Citrus Swag!

It comes with a beanie and tote bag.

Expect this to arrive within 6 weeks!

Available while supplies last.

Sumo Citrus 

Exceptionally sweet, Sumo Citrus is derived from Satsuma, Orange, and Mandarin.

Generally known as the shiranui variety in Japan, it was nicknamed the “dekopon” in reference to its uneven skin, and its distinctive Top Knot.

Not every dekopon is a Sumo Citrus however, only those meeting the enormously delicious size and taste standards.


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