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Pokemon Trick Or Trade Halloween 2022

Published on 1 September 2022 at 19:10

Pokemon Trick Or Trade Halloween 2022

Last month in July announced The Pokémon Company a new kind of set called Pokemon Trick or Trade. This set will be Halloween themed; this will be the very first time that Pokémon is organizing something for this special holiday in America.

This set will not be officially released until September 1, 2022. 

1) Pokémon Trick Or Trade Bundle

This is a large bag as shown above. Here are 40 loose Trick Or Trade booster packs in. This is also the largest product and the second product is already pictured on it. Namely the separate booster packs. These are meant to be handed out during Halloween. Normally you hand out candy to the children who dress up at the doors. But Pokémon cleverly capitalizes on this concept with a special set. By purchasing this bundle of 40 packs, you can make 40 children happy during Halloween! And the best part is that there is such a good chance that these children will start saving Pokémon cards! And so it's a lot healthier than handing out candy and even more fun!

A booster pack containing three Trick or Trade set of Pokémon cards. These cards will all feature a special Halloween logo. In the same place as the Celebrations cards had these. Bottom right of the image, this time it will be a Pikachu with a pumpkin head. The art of the booster looks very nice. A large Gengar with Pikachu in front of it! 

Good luck completing your packs!

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