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Goodwill Launches

Published on 5 October 2022 at 14:34

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Hey, Thrift Shop Seekers! What do we think about this? Goodwill Launches

Goodwill Launches

Honestly, I can't say I am thrilled about this new announcement. Goodwill launches so you can shop Goodwill thrift items from home.

As a reseller, the fun is all about the hunt for that holy grail item lurking beneath a stack of plates or the discovery of a name brand handbag that I didn't expect to ever find. If you are a reseller, you know what I am talking about. 

"Chase the Dopamine" is a common phrase among crafters and thrift shop seekers so to simply sit on the couch and scroll on a website takes all the fun out of thrift store shopping, at least for me. I seriously doubt I am the only one with this opinion. Am I right? 

Goodwill has been trying to defeat the common reseller by raising prices to ridiculous amounts hoping to make a larger profit lately so my interest in Goodwill has been slacking these last few weeks. It has become harder and harder to turn profit from simply resourcing your online listings from purchased goods at Goodwill. So again, when I see Goodwill launching this just made my little reseller heart sink even further.

Here is the information regarding

  • This week, the nonprofit organization floated GoodwillFinds, a new e-commerce version of the more than century-old chain making donated items available for purchase online.
  • “Goodwill has built a legacy of strengthening communities through the power of work,” Steve Preston, CEO of Goodwill Industries International said in a statement released to USA TODAY on Wednesday.
  • “GoodwillFinds furthers that mission through a modern online shopping experience – backed by a century-old philosophy – to harness resale with purpose," Preston said.
  • Eventually, the company said, GoodwillFinds will be personalized based on a customer’s past purchases.
  • The new website does not take Apple Pay but accepts PayPal and all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. 

You can read the original article at USA TODAY

If online shopping is your thing or you just don't want to dig through bargain bins, then this can be a new thrift store alternative for you. Personally, I think I will stick to Value Village for now. Plus, ValueVillage will give you a 20% Off your next purchase coupon with a donation. 


If you are looking for alternative thrift shops, try your hand at a few of these.

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