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Little Debbie Snack Cake Scented Candles

Published on 6 August 2022 at 23:30

Little Debbie Snack Cake Scented Candles

Little Debbie is releasing a line of candles for special occasions that smell like their beloved snack cakes. Get ready to stock up! You won’t want to miss these delicious Little Debbie Snack Cake Scented Candles.

Little Debbie announced via a press release today that it will have a variety of candles designed to smell like it's delicious snack cakes for sale on its website this Mother’s Day. The two-wick, 14-ounce soy wax candles come in a decorative tin and feature the scent of two of the brand’s classic cakes: Honey Bun and Oatmeal Creme Pie.

The Oatmeal Creme Pie candle is described as “scents of baked oats, deep molasses, creamy vanilla and a hint of spice” while the Honey Bun candle includes “warm notes of sweet honey with a subtle undercurrent of cinnamon,” according to the website.

You can also find other Little Debbie Logo Merchandise available from signature golf balls to t-shirts and cookie jars. Perfect for those Little Debbie Snack fans in your family and friends' circle.

For more information, visit the Little Debbie website

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