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The World's Largest Puzzle by Kodak

Published on 8 August 2022 at 21:23

The World's Largest Puzzle by Kodak

Bored? This will keep you busy!
Head on over to and snag yourself The World's Largest Puzzle by Kodak.

You may need to call a few friends over for game night to help complete this amazing puzzle.

You will never believe it until you see it!!! Kodak Premium Puzzles Presents: THE WORLDS LARGEST PUZZLE!!! This puzzle is the most amazing puzzle you will ever see!! The puzzle is made of high-quality board and snaps together piece after piece. The colors and pictures are the most crisp, realistic images ever created in a puzzle! AND YES, it really has 51,300 pieces and is 28.5 FOOT by 6.25 Foot. This is a must have for the puzzle lover in your life. 2000-piece puzzles got nothing on us!! What a wonderful way to bring a family together and do this amazing larger than life puzzle! Each image is in a separate bag. There are 27 bags. Each puzzle is 1900 pieces. Then they all go together to make this larger-than-life puzzle. So, work on it a little or tackle the whole thing at once.

About this item

  • Unique Shaped pieces
  • 51,300 Pieces
  • 27 Wonders of the World
  • 28.5 FOOT by 6.25 Foot


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