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Poop Like A Champion Healthy Choice Ultra High Fiber Cereal

Published on 10 August 2022 at 18:36

Poop Like A Champion Healthy Choice Ultra High Fiber Cereal

Be a Master of Your Movements with this High Fiber Cereal with soluble and insoluble fiber! Absorb more nutrients, improve digestion, colon cleanse and go Number 2 regularly!

Just one serving at breakfast and 84% of your daily fiber needs are met! A natural gluten free cereal and keto food with psyllium fiber that fits your busy lifestyle!

Clean food and premium ingredients only - Non-GMO sorghum flour, psyllium husk powder, corn bran and more! High fiber, keto friendly, & gluten free healthy food,

Low in carbs, only 105 calories per serving and encourages digestive function. It's the healthy choice and perfect alternative to gluten free oatmeal & granola.

Healthy food isn't made to taste great, but it’s MADE to WORK GREAT! But if you like, crank up the flavor with a little brown sugar or honey for a sweet, nutty taste.

Fiber, What's It Good For?

Fiber does more than make great poops. It's a total body health kick that:

  • Helps keep your colon clean and promotes healthier digestion
  • Can helps reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • Helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer to promote weight loss

Get ready to Poop Like A Champion Today!

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