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50 World Nutella Day Recipes

Published on 10 March 2023 at 14:43

Celebrate World Nutella Day with these 50 World Nutella Day Recipes.

50 World Nutella Day Recipes

February 5th is World Nutella Day. Enjoy this collection of the best recipes in one spot. From quick Nutella Snacks to amazing Nutella Dessert Recipes, I know you will find a special treat to sink your teeth into.

Which Company makes Nutella?

The Ferrero Group is the world’s second-largest chocolatier and the maker of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and Tic Tacs.

What is Nutella made of?

Nutella is made up of a few, simple ingredients. 

Sugar is the main ingredient, taking up over 50% of the recipe, which is why it’s not necessarily a healthy choice for breakfast options. 

Cocoa beans are pressed into powder form and hazelnuts are turned into a 100% pure paste.

Nutella also contains palm oil, which comes from the fruit of a palm tree. This provides Nutella with its creamy, spreadable texture. 

Skimmed powdered milk is added to the mixture to help with shelf-life. 

Soy lecithin acts as the emulsifier of this mixture, keeping Nutella’s ingredients from separating before being spread. Soy lecithin is an additive made of soy. 

Finally, vanillin, a naturally found component from vanilla bean extract, rounds out the sweet spread.

How do you celebrate World Nutella Day??

World Nutella Day offers a host of opportunities for Nutella fanatics to get involved. You can host a Nutella party, write a Nutella poem or song, or create some Nutella art. You can also share photos and while enjoying one or all of these 50 World Nutella Day Recipes on social media using the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.

Where is Nutella from?

After World War II, cocoa was extremely scarce. Ferrero, originally from Piedmont in Italy, turned this tricky problem into a smart solution by creating a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa. The precursor to Nutella was born!

When is World Nutella Day?

This delicious day is celebrated each year on February 5th. Grab your favorite World Nutella Day Recipes and whip up a snack and enjoy the day.

Why is it called Nutella Day??

Spontaneously created in 2007 by American blogger Sara Rosso, who decided to create a celebratory day to inspire and unite the global Nutella community to share their passion for Nutella on social media, World Nutella Day quickly became a global phenomenon, as fans everywhere shared their love for Nutella.

50 World Nutella Day Recipes

Take a moment to enjoy all of these special 50 World Nutella Day Recipes. Don’t forget to visit these bloggers below and see all of their amazing recipes. Thank you to all of the recipe and food bloggers who have contributed to this 50 World Nutella Day Recipes list. You are ALL amazing!

“Have a delicious treat with this Coconut Nutella Popcorn! It’s the perfect recipe for a dessert or snack that will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth.”

“Chocolate and hazelnut is one of my favorite flavor combinations! Ferrero Rocher have always been my favorite chocolates and if you didn’t know that chocolatey goodness that’s inside Nutella.”

“These Banana Nutella Cookies make the perfect treat for any day of the week! They’re so easy to make and you probably have all the ingredients on hand.”

“This chocolate hazelnut creme brulee tastes like the smoothest most decadent chocolate pudding you have ever had.”

“The classic sour cream coffee cake recipe with a Nutella swirl. The Bundt cake shape is then perfectly drizzled with a cinnamon Nutella glaze.”

“This Nutella pistachio fudge is creamy hazelnut and chocolate goodness mixed in with pistachios for a nice crunch. If you love Nutella, you will love this easy fudge recipe.”

“These dreamy Nutella S’mores Cups are the perfect treat when you don’t have time to go camping. Flaky crust, decadent chocolate, and toasted marshmallows are a chocolate lovers dream all in under 20 minutes.”

“These Nutella Pop Tarts are so simple to make, yet they ohh and ahhh the crowd every time. Skip the store-bought pop tarts and give the homemade version a spin!”

“This four-step Nutella Ice Cream recipe is as easy as dissolving sugar and Nutella in warmed cream, and once cool, churning it in an Ice Cream Maker. Then comes the fun part, adding your favorite mix-ins! I added bananas, peanut butter, and toffee.”

“This Mini Pavlova with Nutella Whipped Cream recipe is an elegant and decadent dessert that’s easy to make and so pretty to look at."

“This easy 5 ingredient chocolate Nutella Mug Cake recipe is the perfect single serving chocolate cake. Rich and fudgy and all without flour! You can have dessert in under 5 minutes!”

“These mini-Nutella stuffed pancakes are light and fluffy and super easy to make. Think of Danish pancakes made in an Aebleskiver pan but filled with Nutella, made in under 20 minutes. The perfect easy breakfast or brunch that will impress your family and friends.”

“Browned butter imparts a nutty flavor and makes the blondies super fudgy. Nutella is sandwiched between two layers of blondies and then swirled into the batter on top for extra chocolate-hazelnut goodness.”

“These No-Bake Chocolate Oat Cookies are easy to make and delicious any time of the year. However, we like making them for the holidays when we need an easy cookie option for our cookie trays.”

“This dessert recipe for a no-bake Nutella cheesecake with an Oreo crust will make your mouth water! Satistfy your sweet tooth with this delicious no-bake Nutella cheesecake with an Oreo crust that is made from scratch!”

“These chocolate French macarons are filled with a light, fluffy Nutella buttercream then drizzled with dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.”

“These flaky, buttery Nutella puff pastry pinwheels are packed with your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread then topped with lots of powdered sugar.”

“These chocolate hazelnut raspberry brownies start out with a rich fudgy Nutella brownie layer and are then topped with a tart layer of raspberry jam that is swirled with even more Nutella.”

“You will love this super easy and deliciously creamy Nutella Buttercream Frosting recipe! It’s perfect for frosting or piping onto cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, or whatever your heart desires! There’s a dairy free and vegan option too!”

“Easy Nutella overnight oats are a simple, delicious hazelnut breakfast idea. Quick to meal prep in advance for ready-to-go breakfasts throughout the week.”

“Golden brown on top with deep swirls of Nutella, this banana bread is full of ripe bananas and will replace all the other banana bread recipes you have!”

“A thick and rich layer of Nutella between buttery rich oats makes these Nutella Bars the perfect treat for the party. You only need one bowl to whip these crumble bars up! A simple recipe to bake up in no time!”

“Incredibly soft and moist banana muffins stuffed with Nutella. The ultimate breakfast or dessert option for those cold winter mornings. Filled with ripe bananas, cinnamon, butter, and Nutella! 

“Recipes don’t get much simpler or more delicious than these frozen banana bites layered with creamy Nutella and dazzled with rainbow sprinkles. They are really fun to make with your kids, then enjoy on a hot summer’s day!”

“These Peanut Butter Nutella Balls are delightful crunchy bites that will amaze you with their unique peanut butter and nutella flavor. There is no baking involved, so perfect to make with your kids!”

“These jumbo Banana Nutella Cookies (Oatmeal) are the perfect mix between a loaf of banana bread and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. And if you are not sold yet, they are stuffed with Nutella for even more melty chocolate.”

“Nutella is the answer. Whatever the question. Nutella is the answer. What should I put on my toast? Nutella. What is the key to sustainable world peace? Nutella. Why did the chicken cross the road? Nutella.”

“Teaching kids to cook. Kiddo saw me take out the waffle iron and immediately asked if she could help make these Nutella waffles.”

“Banana and Nutella cake with coffee icing is a beautiful combination of a few flavors that just work together so well. Try it and see that everyone loves it!”

“Nutella Bread Pudding is a delicious, rich, chocolate bread pudding. This recipe is easy to make and wonderful to share at your next brunch.”

“These amazing Nutella muffins are decadent, moist, and delicious. Chocolate muffins get stuffed with creamy Nutella then topped with some coarse sugar for a finishing touch!”

“The base of this Nutella Babka recipe is brioche, an enriched dough made with eggs, butter, and milk. Brioche can be made by hand, but it is much easier with a stand mixer.”

“You’re going to just love my recipe for Nutella macarons. Chocolate French macarons paired with my Nutella ganache, each mouthful is a decedent, chocolate hazelnut sensation.”

“These easy stuffed Nutella Crescent Rolls make a delicious, sweet breakfast or dessert! They are quick to make and will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.”

“This Nutella & Dark Chocolate Stuffed French Toast recipe is what dreams are made of – think perfect slices of French toast stuffed with just the right mix of Nutella and dark chocolate, gently bathed in a berry compote sent directly from the heavens.”

“These Almond Joy Granola Bites turned out phenomenal. I let my husband try one, and he ended up eating several. All of the Almond Joy Granola Bites were gone in 2 days. These are still pretty healthy, but they taste like a treat.”

“Fudge is such an awesome dessert, and it makes for a great gift too that I look forward to making many different fudge recipes each year!”

“It has all the traditional flavours that you associate with this gorgeous Italian dessert, like coffee and mascarpone, but with a layer of Nutella as well. “

“These Nutella blondies were created to celebrate National Chocolate Day. But you don’t need a national holiday to enjoy these thick, nut-scented blondies with a rich Nutella swirl.”

“I’ll keep this one short – I know the moment you read ‘Gooey Nutella Brownies’ you made a move towards the kitchen. I understand, and I support you wholeheartedly in your decision.”

“Just like my other no bake slices, these Nutella bars would be a great recipe to get the kids involved with. It’s fast and easy, and it’s all melt and mix. I also like that it’s not tooth-achingly sweet.”

“These Baked Peanut Butter Nutella Donuts (Nutella Doughnuts) are peanut butter-y, Nutella-y pieces of pure bliss perfect for satisfying even the biggest of doughnut cravings.”

“I’ll warn you before you even read any further on this Smores Nutella Puppy Chow Recipe…It’s ridiculously good, better than the original puppy chow recipe and it’s HIGHLY addictive!”

“This really is the Ultimate Chocolate Cake, with three fudgy layers of chocolate sponge, whipped Nutella filling and glossy rich chocolate glaze. Perfect for birthdays and celebrations and a delight to chocaholics everywhere!”

“Sugar cookies are always yummy, and usually a sure-fire hit. They are also one of the most versatile kinds of cookies, since you can frost them with oh-so-many-wonderful-flavors!”

“Try it in a small shot glass and you can indulge without loosening your belt! My Salted Caramel Nutella Cheesecake Shooters are the few perfect bites your need to satisfy your dessert craving!”

“It’s so easy, I don’t know why I don’t make milkshakes more often.”

“Of course, you don’t have to make it heart-shaped… but since it’s approaching Valentine’s Day and all, I thought it would be cute.“

“The one thing I love about all the parties is the food and especially all of the appetizers.  This Nutella Dip would be great to make for a party or for when you are just relaxing at home.”

“Let’s hear it for chocolate bananas! This bite-sized Nutella banana tortilla roll ups recipe is the ultimate treat. Fun, easy, and quick, they make for a great activity to share with the kids any day of the week.”

So many delicious treats for snack time.

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