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20 Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Published on 28 March 2023 at 16:05

If you're a snack lover, you're sure to enjoy these 20 flavored popcorn recipes. Whether you prefer sweet, savory, or spicy snacks, there's a recipe here for everyone.

20 Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Sweet popcorn recipes are perfect for those with a sweet tooth and include options like Candy Coated Jell-O Popcorn and Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn. These recipes are easy to make and can be enjoyed as a quick snack or as a dessert.

"Since flavored popcorn is such a hit in our house, I’m super excited to share this Jello popcorn recipe. It’s perfect for Spring or Summer because of the bright colors!"

"This Peppermint Bark Popcorn recipe is the perfect sweet and salty treat for holiday parties or snacking while watching your favorite Christmas movies!"

"Unicorn popcorn is a magical treat! A rainbow swirl of candy coating and sprinkles, kids will love this sweet and salty snack!"

"Pop a bag of microwave popcorn and top it off with a scrumptious mixture of brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, marshmallows, and vanilla extract. It’s a yummy treat that the whole family will love."

"If you love chili cheese fries, then you’ll love Chili Cheese Popcorn, a healthier afternoon popcorn snack that still satisfies your craving for spice and cheese."

"Bright and colorful pink popcorn adds a POP of fun to any party! This sweet snack is incredibly easy to make in about 20 minutes, and can be customized with any color you like."

"Thai Style Popcorn is an addictive snack with a perfect combination of flavors. It is crispy and crunchy with the right amount of sweet, sour, and spiciness. This snack is also vegan and gluten free. Popcorn could not get any better than this!"

"Tantalizing, spicy, and unexpected are the best ways to describe this Salsa Verde Popcorn. Seasoned with green superfood powder, zesty jalapeño powder, tangy lime juice powder and spices make this addictive snack crazy delicious!"

"Homemade Moose Munch Popcorn is a copycat recipe of the Harry & David popular snack. This is not your average caramel popcorn, it is a chocolate and caramel-coated popcorn with salty almonds and cashews that will have everyone reaching for just one more handful!"

"Crunchy peanut butter popcorn has that perfect sweet and salty balance. It is perfect for movie night, game night, tailgates and more!"

"This Palomitas Seasoning Mix will take your movie night to the next level. It’s a spicy and sweet combination that makes this munchable snack even more enjoyable!"

"The beauty of this recipe is in it’s simplicity and in it’s customizability. You can throw in whatever you want to the Nutella mixture: M&M’s, granola, shredded nuts, etc. It is a very sweet, rich recipe so just keep that in mind when you throw in additional ingredients."

"This white cheddar popcorn recipe has 2 – 4 servings depending on how much your family loves this flavorful snack. After popping, there is a prep time of only 2 minutes. "

"Cookie Monster has always been my favorite from Sesame Street. Maybe it’s because I secretly wish I could also eat cookies with his reckless abandon, or just because he’s awesome, fuzzy and blue, but Cookie Monster has always ruled, even now that I’m a grown up."

"It's actually a lot easier than you would think, which is good if you're DIY'ing your wedding favors and bad if you're counting your calories."

"There are lots of bagged and pre-made options found in the grocery store that are great options for the everyday popcorn fix. That being said, there is something about freshly popped popcorn that can't be beat, especially using the tips you'll find in this post!"

"This is so simple and quick and tastes so good! It’s one of those fun s’mores recipes that you don’t need a campfire for!"

"Make your own red hot cinnamon popcorn with this easy recipe! This recipe makes popcorn that’s coated with a red hot candy coating."

"This Bananas Foster Caramel Popcorn is easy to make, but SO indulgent: A richly flavoured caramel corn with dried bananas and pecans!"

"Candy Cane Popcorn is an easy and delicious treat for any Christmas party, get together, or just a snack while watching Christmas movies."

Whether you're enjoying a movie night at home or looking for a quick snack, these flavored popcorn recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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