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Hedgehog Cupcakes

Published on 14 December 2022 at 13:47

These little hedgehog cupcakes are easy to make and couldn’t be cuter. Surprise your loved one with a birthday treat with this Hedgehog Cupcakes.

Hedgehog Cupcakes

These adorable little guys are the perfect addition to your guest list. Transform box cake mix into these adorable hedgehog cupcakes with a little bit of frosting, candy eyes and of course, gold edible glitter.



  • Bake cupcakes per recipe and cool completely
  • Pipe a half circle shape with the salted caramel frosting at the bottom of the cupcake to form the face as shown above.
  • Use the light brown frosting to pipe on the fur
  • Pipe chocolate frosting eyes and a nose
  • Sprinkle the edible glitter lightly over the fur

Now your Hedgehog Cupcakes are ready. 

Serve and enjoy!

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