10 Delicious Cherry Dessert Recipes

Published on 30 June 2022 at 19:33

10 Delicious Cherry Dessert Recipes

These fresh cherry recipes are abundant this time of year, so I’ve compiled my favorite Top 10 Delicious Cherry Dessert Recipes for you to enjoy. 

Make sure to visit each food creator/blogger for even more delicious recipes.

1. Cherry Cola Layer Cake

This cherry cola layer cake is has a chocolate cherry cola cake, a cherry cola filling, and a maraschino cherry frosting. The cake is so moist and scrumptious. The filling is like a fizzy cherry cola pie filling, and the frosting is every maraschino cherry lover's dream.

Visit Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt for the recipe 

2. Cherry Smoothie Bowl

This cherry smoothie bowl is thick, creamy, and naturally sweetened with fruit. Use plant-based milk to make it vegan and top it with chopped nuts, coconut, or any other toppings of choice!

Visit Your Smoothie Guide for the recipe 

3. Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies are a fun twist on classic thumbprint cookies, made with a homemade chocolate cookie topped with a dark chocolate ganache and maraschino cherry.

Visit Crayons and Cravings for the recipe

4. Cherry Pie

Fresh, Homemade Cherry Pie is a sweet, delicious, and beautiful dessert. When cherries are in season, you must make this – it’s the best cherry pie recipe I’ve had. 

Visit Little Sunny Kitchen for the recipe

5. Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda

The secret to the perfect soda is whipping cream!! It turns it into this delicious and creamy drink that everyone will love. What makes this recipe so great, is that it can be doubled or tripled and used as a party treat

Visit Ottawa Mommy Club for the recipe 

6. Cherry Cheesecake Brownies 

Dessert doesn’t get more decadent than this Cherry Cheesecake Brownies recipe. Made from scratch, these fudgy brownies are studded with cherry pie filling and creamy cheesecake for a swirl of both in every bite. If you like your brownies layered with flavor, you’ll love this simple, small-batch recipe.

Visit Whisking Wolf for the recipe 

7. Cherry Danish with Puff Pastry

This easy Cherry Danish recipe features buttery puff pastry filled with sweetened cream cheese and fresh cherries. Delicious for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or a snack! 

Visit Vanilla Bean Cuisine for the recipe

8. Bourbon Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Fresh cherries are in season right now and nothing beats using this seasonal ingredient in a tasty dessert! Especially when said dessert is homemade bourbon cherry cheesecake ice cream.

Visit Kickass Baker for the recipe

9. Black Forest Cupcakes

These black forest cupcakes are fluffy and moist, and filled with a jammy cherry compote. Topped with light as clouds whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and more cherry compote. They are like mini black forest cakes!

Visit Flouring Kitchen for the recipe

10. Crepe Suzette with Roasted Brandied Cherry Marshmallows

Any time your dessert involves flames, it has to be good!

Visit Albion Gould for the recipe


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